Month: August 2007

Rainy July Great for Online Shopping

By Dave Haygarth   August 23, 2007  
Reported in the Guardian on Aug 21.Internet sales in July were £4.2bn - surpassing £4bn for the first time, and up from £2.34bn a year ago. The Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) believe that July's awful weather contributed, as people preferred to shop online than go out in the rain. Also flood-damaged goods had to be replaced.They also suggest that an increased number of fast broadband connections and improved websites contributed.Read more here

10 SEO Questions Answered

By Dave Haygarth   August 3, 2007  
Another great article from SEOMoz - 10 SEO Questions and their best answers plus some additional questions from SEO guru Danny Sullivan.Proud to say I knew *most* of the answers but Danny's contributions certainly provided food for thought and I will be investigating further!Customers have heard me going on about the "Long Tail" and this contains a succinct explanation of the theory. More about the Long Tail here.

BBC iPlayer launch slips by quietly

By Dave Haygarth   August 1, 2007  
The BBC's new iPlayer was launched a few days ago and there's not been too much fuss about it on the blogs or forums yet. I think this is a deliberately low key launch because of the beta status of the iPlayer, but things are likely to pick up pretty quick. Continue reading "BBC iPlayer launch slips by quietly"