Month: October 2007

Debenhams Online Shop Set to Become their “Largest Store” Sales-wise

By Dave Haygarth   October 31, 2007  
Computer Weekly is reporting that Debenhams Online Shop sales have risen by 51% to £30 Million making it Debenhams' most profitable store.Read more here.

Improved Price Plans for Mobile Web Browsing

By Dave Haygarth   October 15, 2007  
BBC News reports general improvements in data price plans from the mobile phone operators, including "flat rate" price plans from T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange and Three. O2 will be joining them in October prior to launching the Apple iPhone.Three continue to lead, giving users 1GB of data for £5 per month with their X Series plan - plenty for most users. Vodafone continue to be meanest, giving only 120MB (just over a 10th of what Three offer) for £7.50 a month (although we know that they can often be persuaded to reduce this considerably).The report also has some interesting stats for February 2007: the Mobile Data Association suggest almost 15 million people use the web via mobile phones each month.Read the report here.

Google set to launch rival to iPhone?

By Dave Haygarth   October 14, 2007  
There is much speculation that Google is set to launch it's phone - the GPhone - very soon.I guess it's inevitable that Google's foray into the mobile market will have a major impact on the mobile web and the mobile phone market in general. Its reported that the GPhone will be based on an entirely new operating system, competing against the likes of Symbian (used by Nokia and Sony) and Windows Mobile. I personally hope that they do a better job with the web browser than Microsoft have with Mobile Internet Explorer. With Opera charging for their mobile browser, there is still a need for a decent free mobile browser. Mozilla are working on Minimo but its still got its problems.Also, it is hoped that their phone will work over fast 3G networks or the near-broadband speed of HSDPA, unlike Apple's iPhone which is amazingly hobbled by it being limited to slow 2G connections.Added 19-Oct-07:Interesting article here on Forbes about this.

How to Create a Great (or Good Enough) Website

By Dave Haygarth   October 14, 2007  
Celebrated Marketing Blogger and Author Seth Godin has recently published a couple of blog posts which you may find interesting if you are contemplating a new website.'How to create a Great Website' presents 10 principles of great web design. We are inclined to agree with his point about committees - 'Design by Committee' typically fails as we generally find this slows down the process of creating a great website, and too many opinions inevitably create a bland and unnecessarily complex website. We would encourage you to have your website project led by someone, empower them and trust them to make the best decisions! Web design is a combination of skills, from marketing through design to technical. This is a hard combo to find in one person, but these people do exist, and many are working as web consultants.'How to Create a Good Enough Website' encourages a little plagiarism. We're inclined to agree that "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery": if someone is already doing it well, why not borrow some of their ideas? There are very few new ideas left, and if you think you have an original one, and no one else does it that way, theres probably very good reasons. Just don't be too blatant, and obviously do not steal any copyrighted content!Long ago, Reverse Delta realised that website design needs different skills, so we always recommend web sites are architected by web architects, designed by designers, copywritten by copywriters, and programmed by programmers. Anything else just won't do the job. After all, you wouldn't get a painter to build your house, so why should your website be any different?

Beginners Guide to SEO

By Dave Haygarth   October 10, 2007  
The excellent and informative SEOmoz site run by SEO guru Rand Fishkin is re-writing and updating it's 3 year old 'Beginners Guide to SEO'. Well worth following if you'd like to brush up on the basics.Guide Outline here.Part 1: 'How Search Engines Operate' gives an insight into the inner workings of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask et al.Part 2: How People Interact with Search EnginesPart 3: Why Search Engine Marketing is Necessary Part 4: The Basics of Search-Engine Friendly Design & Development Part 5: Keyword Research Part 6: How Usability, User Experience and Content Affect Search Engine Rankings

SEO going cheap? Well…. for an experimental period

By Dave Haygarth   October 5, 2007  
For quite some time now we've been carrying out Search Engine Optimisation reviews. They're an important add-on to our business and help us twofold.Firstly, we can get new business - let's not be shy here, that's sorta what we're about... If we uncover some problems with websites that can easily be remedied, we can give you instructions on how to do that - via your webmasters, if it's not us. Frequently though, we can show people how poorly their site performs in Search Engine rankings and how a SEO strategy could help to pick things up something we could carry out.Secondly though, a lengthy, thorough review of a site; its code, its performance in search results, who is linking to it, how visible the content is, etc., is a great way of us sharpening our own SEO skills. On the job training.The reviews are about one to two hours of our consultancy time, costing between £75 and £150.For an experimental period, we're offering SEO reviews for just £20. We may need to review this, depending on demand, but we see it as an interesting way of developing our business.Read more about our SEO review offer here.