Month: January 2008

Buying links: The debate rages on…

By Dave Haygarth   January 27, 2008  
You may be aware that Google updated their algorithm last year to penalise sites that have a lot of paid links pointing to them. Many high profiles sites saw a drop in PageRank because the sites that link to them were being heavily penalised for selling links. But when is a link classed as a paid link? The most obvious examples are TextLinkAds (who now don't even rank well in Google results for a search for their exact name -- other than as a sponsored link). But hey, aren't AdWords paid links? Of course they are. Google just doesn't like the competition. Yahoo has been selling links in the Yahoo directory since before Google was even live (but thats OK apparently).The debate rages on. Interesting reading here and here.

Mobile Firefox: Maybe I won’t need an iPhone after all

By Dave Haygarth   January 26, 2008  
You may have read me whinging about iPhone limitations (mainly the fact it doesn't use 3G/HSDPA, but also the O2 lock-in).The iPhone's Safari browser is light years ahead of any other device when it comes to browsing the web on the go, and is by far the main reason I would like an iPhone.Looking at the previews of the new mobile version of Firefox is getting this geek excited. I really hope this will be as good as Safari for mobile browsing. If that is the case, I'll be happy to stick with my Windows Mobile.

Want broadband? Use your mobile

By Dave Haygarth   January 25, 2008  
I've been using my 3G mobile (a Nokia N73) to access the internet whilst out and about for some time now.  It seems a logical twinning; the 3G speed is fast (much quicker than dial up), but not lightening fast. When you're on a train or in another office at a meeting, you don't normally want to hammer bandwidth by downloading or streaming huge files anyway.Just before Christmas, 3 and T-Mobile announced they were merging their networks to improve mobile internet coverage - and to up the speed. By the end of 2009 they plan to have 13,000 sites, covering 98% of the population with a mobile broadband network capable of speeds up to 7.2 Mb per second - or nearly twice the current typical home broadband speeds - and nearly 20 times faster than existing 3G services.T-Mobile's 3G network now covers about 85% of the UK, while 3 covers about 90%. The geographic gaps will be plugged by the joint venture.Read more here on the Guardian's technology blog ... Want broadband? Use your mobile

A/B testing – striving to get page design ‘right’.

By Dave Haygarth   January 23, 2008  
This blog post about the use of Pricing Tables Design made me realise there's lots of things on the web we ought to know the 'right' answer to - including some seemingly simple things like where to put the sign-up buttons for pricing plans. "There was a fairly even split between putting the sign-up button at the top of the table — directly under the pricing information — or at the bottom, below the list of features.It's hard to say which is the better approach, but it would definitely be worth doing some split A/B testing to see whether the button position affects sign-ups." Google's new 'website optimiser' has given a new and innovative approach to A/B testing (put simply: "Which Design Works Best"), and I'm planning on putting some of the testing into action with some e-commerce partners at an appropriate time soon.

Frustrated by Apple’s Lock-ins

By Dave Haygarth   January 15, 2008  
Apple have today announced their upgrades to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Web apps (at a price), email at last and some more toys. Still no bluetooth on the iPod Touch and still no 3G/HSDPA on the iPhone -- damn them!!If I could buy an Apple iPod Touch and connect it to a mobile via Bluetooth to browse the web and use email, I would buy one tomorrow and say bye-bye to my Windows Mobile device. Similarly, if I could get an iPhone that was not locked to O2 and supported HSDPA (the mobile equivalent of broadband) rather than 2g (the mobile equivalent of a dialup modem) I would buy one.Can anyone explain why Apple don't want me to do this? Opening up Bluetooth on the iPod would seriously dent sales of iPhone and not tying iPhone to a network would lose them loads of money. Damn them damn them!!!Anyway, in the meantime, I will have to put up with a Windows Mobile (either HTC Tytn or HTC Cruise), with its great price (almost free or at least very cheap), HSDPA, possibly Tomtom and GPS, cheap contract, but shitty web browsing experience.Damn Apple!!

What is E-Recruitment?

By Dave Haygarth   January 12, 2008  
If you are new to the concept of online recruitment or "E-recruitment", the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development have written a useful factsheet. This has been updated recently, encouraging recruiters to make use of Web 2.0 technology, such as blogs and social media, to help build online relationships with employers and candidates. It also points out the importance of attracting candidates via search engines.Reverse Delta's next generation online recruitment platform FXRecruiter is in constant development, and uses both Web 2.0 technology and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to provide recruiters with a set of building blocks for creating advanced online recruitment websites. We call it "Recruitment 2.0". Contact Reverse Delta for more information.