Month: January 2010

UK government ignores Internet Explorer hacker fears

By Dave Haygarth   January 19, 2010  
The British government and armed forces are to continue their widespread use of the version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser that was attacked by Chinese hackers who broke into Google's corporate network – even though both the French and German governments have advised people to stop using it. The Cabinet Office, which oversees the deployment of computers in government, said today that "it doesn't think the issue [of being open to hacking] would be resolved any better by going elsewhere". Originally found on The Guardian site... read the story in full here UK ignores fears over Internet Explorer despite French and German warnings | Technology |

Antique Furniture

By Dave Haygarth   January 19, 2010  
If you like antique furniture, then please check out my mother's new website, selling antique chairs, antique sofas, antique tables, various antique boxes, objet d'art and other products. Viewings are available in Lancashire and Cumbria. I've been putting this together in my spare time and relying on the kind help of friends with graphic design, Wordpress and CSS skills as years of management have made me rusty! Thanks Dave H and Phil for your patience and help!