Month: April 2010

New sites recently launched

By Dave Haygarth   April 22, 2010  
Lots been going on lately and more tweeting between Dave B and myself than olde world blogging. Just occurred to me that we've had a few sites released to the real world lately that need a bit of an introduction. Elizabeth Michael Associates FXRecruiter recruitment website for this large, well established and friendly Nottingham recruitment firm. "We spent an inordinate amount of time researching and liaising with web design companies prior to instructing Reverse Delta and entrusting them with the design of what many would now consider to be one of their most important tools, if not the most important. I am not given to extolling the virtues of many businesses or indeed individuals, but in the case of Reverse Delta and in particular Dave Haygarth I am more than happy to make an exception. From the word go he has advised and supported and been a true business partner. His patience, ideas, thought processes and general good humour have all contributed to what is now in my humble opinion an excellent site. It is welcoming aesthetically pleasing has great functionality, but above all manages to portray to the outside world exactly what we as a business are all about. I am more than happy to recommend Dave and his business unequivocally to any organization considering any form of website improvement." [Dave: Shucks.] Read more here... LoveWorkLife Paul Jacobs is a big name in recruitment and LoveWorkLife is Paul's consultancy 'brand'. The site is more than an online brochure for his successful business, but a fledgeling blog. "The time is right for forward thinking businesses to get ahead of the curve, to gain market share, take control of their destinies and steal the march on competitors. What is more when you have created your own enviable contemporary culture that will attract and retain clients, candidates and colleagues, you too will Love your Work Life!" Read more here EDS Scotland The first rung on the ladder to online presence, a simple site to showcase the products and services of this rather niche company.  EDS have existed for years on a single homepage with basic contact info.  By building them a well structured website that follows good architecture practice, Google now can start to return search results for EDS, and traffic is coming in in very promising quantities. Read more here...