Month: October 2011

Fancy 300Mbps broadband speeds?

By Dave Haygarth   October 16, 2011  
As part of it's roll-out plans to have fibre broadband available to two-thirds of UK premises by 2015 using Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), BT is trialling a service called Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) which offers 300 Mbps, which it plans to have available at the end of Q1 2012. Whilst the full 300Mbps speed will only be available to 'a minority' of the people who can get FTTP, the technology will mean that other customers will be able to receive an 80 Mbps service; still twice as fast as the current offering.

The cloud is your friend. Silver linings guaranteed.

By Dave Haygarth   October 6, 2011  
Great blog post by client Emma Roberts of White Horse Employment here on the Online Recruiter Blog about having a sensible IT Strategy that makes full use of existing services. Particularly aware of the need to back up (as my colleague Paul referred to in his post yesterday) "Who’s got the remote? The answer is “you should all have it”. Giving your staff the ability to work remotely is essential. Have emergency mobile phones, have Skype accounts and set up remote access to emails and/or access to desktops via the internet." Read her article here on UKRecruiter

Mobile’s interminable rise

By Dave Haygarth   October 6, 2011  
After the sad passing of Steve Jobs today I was prompted to take a quick look at the web analytics of a client. We'd been discussing whether the mobile edition of FXRecruiter (our online recruitment software) would be a suitable tool for them to keep their candidates up-to-date. To get a picture of a proportion of (current) mobile browser use on their site is an important start... but to get a picture of where it's heading in the future is even more important. Just taking a look at the past month on the website compared to the same month last year, had 7.5% of its traffic from mobile devices last month.  In the same month for 2010 it was 3.6% - so it's a significant increase and the trend is most definitely upwards at a very high rate The advantages of a cut-down mobile version to contractors who would be nervous about using company computers to discreetly seek / apply for jobs are fairly obvious now that the world is becoming full of smart phones. Registered candidate gets their email alert > Clicks apply on the job from their mobile > much easier, much more discreet.
Mobile Browsing Trend - Year on Year

Latest web browser stats – Sept 2011

By Dave Haygarth   October 5, 2011  
The latest browser stats to September 2011, show that the decline in IE market share (41.66%) stalled this month, with only a very small decrease. Have they now finally released a product in IE9 that has delivered? Firefox & Chrome continue to along their recent trends with the Google browser surely on course to replace FF as the no.2 browser in the near future?Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

The web going Horizontal?

By Dave Haygarth   October 5, 2011  
After years of web designs and trying not to make web users scroll horizontally, it seems that the BBC is turning that convention, through 90 degrees. Check out the new BBC Beta site ( . It features a horizontal scrolling panel that moves left and right to get to the various options on the site. It seems to scroll in a very “flick-like” way and also the panels seem to be perfect for the finger pointer! Is this a sign of design, tipping its hat to the tablet market ?  Or taking a leaf from the Windows 7 interface, which seems to be destined for the desktop PC with the rumours circulating about the window 8 GUI? It will be of interest to read the user feedback on this once the final version is launched…

Do you have backups of your data? Really?

By Dave Haygarth   October 5, 2011  
You think I'd be an "expert" on this, being that I am now 'in the industry' and formerly having been in Supply Chain Planning for countless years, making sure contingency plans were in place for all eventualities! Well this morning, I woke up to find my Networked drive not available…PC and NAS drive lights on - check Computer connection to network - check Heart attack - check!After countless re-boots of the PC and the Router with no joy , I started to reconcile myself to losing all those DVDs and Albums I'd ripped for central distribution, hadn't thought about the 3 years of real data too! Then it came to me how complacent I'd been. I'd bought a NAS drive that had two disks for data redundancy. Feeling smug & secure, I'd not considered that the unit may fail. What's the point of making external back-ups, it will be ok! I'd pondered that question myself recently and armed with the enticement of 100 off I'd ordered a new server to mitigate this exact issue. Irony is cruel - it arrives TODAY of all days (stop laughing) So the moral of this story is very simple really: Don't rely solely on your storage device for backing up!Get your data onto an external device to cover the device failing Make sure the external device is robust Data very important? Get the external data off-site to guard against a disaster (flooding, fire theft etc.) Consider 'cloud' based backups like Dropbox, Carbonite, Mozy AS WELL as your onsite backups Have an offsite backup policy in case your office burns down or floods Have a policy, process, system in place. Grandfather / Father / SonFortunately this story has a happy ending. I'd remembered my trouble shooting classes and the OSI Layer model (detail not important!) and thought about one last go using a bottom up approach to solving the problem - first layer is physical so I checked the cable and guess what : turns out that the network cable was faulty! Probably another moral there too -but that's for another blog!