Month: November 2011

New Reverse Delta website launched

By Dave Haygarth   November 16, 2011  
Finally, after a lot of hard work crammed between other people's projects, we have a new website!It's testament to the previous website that it survived so long! We know it was starting to look a bit dated and also very small on our nice widescreen monitors, but it served it's purpose and has worked very hard for us over the years. We wish it well in it's retirement.The new website is built on a WordPress foundation, and brings our portfolio centre stage. We think this is what most people are looking for initially, before digging a little deeper to see our fantastic testimonials and case studies, before contacting us or requesting a quote using our online quote form.Our design and development teams have put a lot of thought into making the site easy to use and also able to grow with our business, and also integrates with all our social networks. We hope it is refreshing, a little different, yet easy to use and shows a bit of our personality.We'd be delighted to hear your comments.  

What kind of website are you??

By Dave Haygarth   November 3, 2011  
It sounds a bit of a strange question but users expect different things from different websites.  If you're a blog then people need to feel like they have landed on a blog when they get to your site.  A recruitment company should feel like a recruitment company website, and an e-commerce online shop should deliver certain things too. It seems daft to even suggest it, but getting your architecture and navigation right is one of the first steps in defining a website design (or even selecting a bought or free template).  There are many good examples of working navigation out there - and everyone has their favourite, but this article on the Web Designer Depot site shows the subtle art of getting the navigation right. Twinned with that, heat maps and analytics can show (indeed can prove) navigation and layout tweaks work (or don't work) well Does your site work well?