Month: December 2011

There are no secrets: Content is everything

By Dave Haygarth   December 15, 2011  
I don't know how many times and in how many ways I need to say this, but Google is not here for you - the content-creator. It is here for the person performing the search. As soon as you grasp this you will see how easy ... and how hard, Google's job is. It's easy because it just needs to work out what content is relevant to the search that this person is making.  It's hard, because Google needs to pick its way through all the people who are trying to outsmart it with trickery or black hat techniques. We so often say that content is king and that the job of your website is to deliver and present that content in the kind of way the Google can understand. If you're obsessed about how Google  ranks you because of your URL content, your page load speed, your meta values, then ... okay - good luck to you.  But wouldn't this all be time better spent on focusing on creating better, more interesting, more valuable content for your website??  I really think so. Matt Cutts does, too. of the best quality PhD students employed by Google are persistently trying to make Googlebot smarter. Are you more clever than them?

Merry Christmas from Reverse Delta

By Dave Haygarth   December 15, 2011  
Merry Christmas from the team at Reverse Delta.  All the best for a successful and happy 2012! This year we are again refraining from 'hard copy' cards and are instead supporting Macmillan Cancer Care through a donation.  We strongly encourage you to review why.   One in three of us will get cancer and it’s the toughest fight most of us will ever face.   You can donate to Macmillan here.

Go fishing with Social Media

By Dave Haygarth   December 8, 2011  
One for the recruiters but appropriate to a number of industries I guess. One of the greatest things about Twitter and Facebook is that you can get to places (and people) you couldn't get to before. Fancy getting to know your competitors' candidates and clients? Well... you're one step nearer now. Harnessing the incredible power that social media runs on can take some time to get used to. People talk about good content, interesting angles, good stories... they're all fundamental - yes - but recruiters can leverage social media channels to engage in a little more underhand a way than you might think. I don't even think this is 'naughty' either... just being creative with 'out there' information. It's all based around the follow  or like concepts.  (I'll illustrate with Twitter but there's a similar approach on Facebook) Let's say you work in a certain niche or geographic area. You will have some direct competitors. Have you seen who they are following?  Some of those people will be their candidates and clients.   Follow them.  It's one click. Done.   The nature of us humans and our curiosity means that when we see someone following us on social media, we tend to be flattered. We follow them back. Job done.. in that case.   From that point onwards, you just need to be interesting (I can't really help you do that too much but can provide the tools).  Once you have those prospects on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, you just need to inspire, flatter, draw them in with the kind of content that they want. It’s so important that recruiters provide unique, easy to share content - adding value to your target group, as well as promoting you as outstanding people. Good content includes writing good job descriptions and titles too - don't assume you need to be sitting down blogging every hour God sends. Write good content, get good followers, and you will reap the rewards.