Month: July 2014

Linkedin pulling the plug on popular ‘Apply with LinkedIn’

By Dave Haygarth   July 18, 2014  
The Apply with Linkedin function will become obsolete from the end of July on Recruitment Agency sites and Jobs Boards and from 1st August, Reverse Delta will no longer be able to offer the 'Apply with LinkedIn' button on our FXRecruiter-powered websites. Legal updates at LinkedIn have meant that, whilst a new API is available to replace their existing Apply button integration method, LinkedIn have decided to retire the simple 'Plugin' method. This involves significant developer time for each site compared to the simpler plugin, and the extra R&D effort will hit smaller recruitment agencies.By our straw poll, around 25% of recruitment agencies use the Apply With LinkedIn button, and many, if not all, will see falling applications as a result of this.  Here's a particularly worrying paragraph from LinkedIn's announcement on their developer site: Apply with LinkedIn is only available for companies to allow active job candidates to apply using their LinkedIn profile on the company's career site, whether that's a direct integration or via an applicant tracking system. Job boards and other sites that aggregate job listings across multiple companies are not legally permitted to use our APIs. It's hard to fully measure the impact on the sector as a whole, but this is a bold and aggressive move from LinkedIn, and their aim is clearly to make the recruiter's job harder unless they solely use LinkedIn as their recruitment tool. [Updated 27 Feb 2015] A cautious return for Apply With... We still think this is a good feature and it's still available in our product, following client demand — FXRecruiter has both 'Sign-in with LinkedIn' and 'Apply with LinkedIn' functionality. It is the client's responsibility to contact LinkedIn to ensure they are allowed to use it, and to provide us with a LinkedIn key to activate the feature.As we understand it, job boards and large corporate clients can use the feature freely and recruitment agencies with permission.