Month: July 2017


Marketing for non marketers

By Steve Riley   July 25, 2017  
We come across a range of clients from sole traders right up to large, multi-site International organisations with 100s of consultants. Whilst the biggest of those will almost inevitably have a dedicated marketing manager or team, and the smallest are often entrepreneurial by definition, the large space in the middle doesn't always have a dedicated marketing function.This post is a little marketing primer for non-marketers. Whilst we're certainly not perfect in that respect, we do have a couple of dozen years of marketing experience between us. We know what we should be doing (even if, like you, were usually too busy to do it). But what should you be doing with that mythical 'spare time' for developing the business?We'll try to draw a distinction between newer style, 'inbound' marketing activities, as opposed to more traditional 'interruption' marketing — print ads, radio slots, trade shows, etc. You should definitely aim to do the kind of marketing that builds your brand ethically without annoying your audience. 'White hat' inbound marketing It was easy to tell the good guys from the bad guys in the old cowboy movies — the good guys wore white hats. If only it was that easy in real life. White hat is ethical marketing.These activities will do the most good with the least annoyance:SEO and PPC (search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising). Requires time and good software, budget if you go down the PPC route (Google Adwords, LinkedIn ads) Email marketing. IF you validate your lists and have opt-in permissions. Time, effectively free. Try mailchimp. Events — attending, supporting and sponsoring. Choose wisely, harder to quantify benefits directly. Press and public relations. Everyone should have a 'PR head' on, even if only bigger organisations have an actual PR person. Thought leadership. Getting your name out there, positioning yourself as a trusted voice in your field. Time and networking. Community building. Bring people together. Blogging. Great for thought leadership, community building and SEO. Cheap. Social media. Cheap, but do it well. Content creation. A website with a user friendly CMS for self publishing, plus inclination. Video content. It's all in the editing. A website with a user friendly CMS.Most of these are about EARNING people's attention, rather than INTERRUPTING them and adding to the general noise we're all surrounded by in working life.A non-specialist can only do so much, but do keep feeding the machine.Good luck!  Useful resources — useful blogs on anything from writing meaningful mission statements to the ideal length of YouTube — sign up to his blog for a daily dose of email common sense and thoughtful musings, guaranteed to make you think differently every now and then. Image: Flickr/ryanvanetten

NORA Recruitment Awards 2017

By Steve Riley   July 20, 2017  
NORA Awards Everyone likes a bit of industry recognition, so we thought you might want to know about the big one coming up - the National Online Recruitment Awards.Nominations opened this week and the shortlist is judged for an awards ceremony on 15 November.Categories There are numerous categories, so there's something for everyone. We're contacting you because we think your website is great, but you should decide if you think you're eligible for one or more category. Nomination is FREE.ENTER HERE »Let us know if there's anything else we can help with.All the best, The Reverse Delta team

Light up your recruitment website

By Steve Riley   July 6, 2017  
So you've got a shiny new website, you love the fresh new design and you're hearing good things from candidates and clients alike. All good. So now you can get on with making introductions, placing candidates, talking to clients and generally running the business right?Well, almost. The best of our client websites are constantly being nurtured and made to earn their keep. Rather than being left to simply tick over, they are fed and watered, digitally health checked and kept on a program of continuous improvement.So what makes a website thrive? Our mantra for success: attract, engage, convert, retain.Let's break it down. Attract For this you need to be found. You need good SEO – something that's built into our FXRecruiter product. You need to farm out your jobs on the job boards and share them on social media. But you also need to keep the search engines interested long term. And funnily enough the way to do this isn't about gaming the system with technical fudges, it's about being interesting to your audience. Google respects that, it's actually pretty good at recognising what makes a site interesting and therefore worthy of a place on the first few pages of results. Engage Keep a steady stream of keyword-rich new jobs trickling through to the site, have opinions, be human, keep your blog updated (yes I know, guilty as charged on our own blog!). Put yourself out there.Make it easy for candidates to register. Get them signed up to email alerts, deliver regular opinion pieces on things that matter to them. Build landing pages for your key sectors and offer some insights. Convert Keep the jobs coming! This is key to your business of course but you have to make them easy to find. Make sure you write great job descriptions that are good search engine fodder, but really sell the job to job seekers. The temptation is a quick cut and paste of the brief, a quick once over and then get the job on the website as quickly as you can. But don't sacrifice quality for speed. These might help:How do you write a great job ad title? How do you write a great job description?Retain Keep people coming back. Looking for a job is a tiring business.Candidates spray bullets and cast their search far and wide. How can you make an impression and keep them coming back? How do you stand stand out from the crowd? Be different. Whether that's occupying a particular niche, a specific geography or by simply being the very best you can at what you do.Make it easy for candidates to manage their own email alert dashboards. Use social media to share jobs and insights. If you can position yourself as an expert in your sector with astute comment on current issues and interesting blog posts, they're more likely to stay in touch after they've got the job.If we had a pound for every time a client said: "We're not like other recruitment agencies", we wouldn't be millionaires but we could treat ourselves to some good lunches. But how can you mean it? Does your site truly reflect your brand on the web, or is it just a convenient place that lists jobs?This is about brand, energy and commitment. Easy to say, but a lively site is hard to do and takes time. Put an entry in your calendar at least monthly — "What have I done with the website? What can I do better?"Good luck! And if there's anything we can help with let us know.[Photo by Diz Play on Unsplash]