Month: September 2018


Moz’s “SEO “Dinosaur” Tactics That You Should Retire” – a great read.

By Dave Haygarth   September 20, 2018  
I try to avoid just reblogging others' content but draw the line when:I really know that my readers are not likely to see it elsewhere I know that my readers are really in need of seeing it It's very good!So with that in mind, I want to show you the latest thinking from the SEO people who are not as hard of thinking as some of the other 'SEO People' who are so willing to give you that free report of how your site is under-performing.Rand Fishkin from Moz - people clever SEO guys - has done a great Whiteboard Friday piece on trying to get you to not focus on outdated things and look at what's really important in today's world.He blows some good old fashioned cr*p out of the water like " obsessing about keyword placement in certain tags and certain areas. For example, spending inordinate amounts of time and energy making sure that the H1 and H2, the headline tags, can contain keywords, making sure that the URL contains the keywords in exactly the format that you want with the hyphens, repeating text a certain number of times in the content"A very good watch - and read the full article hereMoz Whiteboard Friday - SEO Dinosaur Techniques